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The Process of Exporting;

Sending a puppy overseas is a simple process.  A quotation for freight and all assocated costs is received from Dogtainers.  Purchasers are advised of these costs and this amount is incorporated into the cost of the puppy.  The amount is forwarded to us prior to the puppy travelling overseas.  We are then responsible for all payment to Dogtainers.


Puppies are collected from our home by Dogtainers just prior to the time that they are required to be at the airport.  The airpline makes contact with the new owners advising time of arrival, to ensure they are at the airport ot meet their new baby!


Some countries require and import permit.  We advise new owners of this and the permit can be faxed to us and then forwarded by post to Dongtainers or alternatively it can be faxed directly to Dogtainers.


We don not export any puppies until they are 14 weeks of age.  Puppies are vaccinated at 12 weeks and then require 2 weeks post vaccination before they travel.


Disability Support Register (DSR) Registration Guidelines


February 2008








Table of Contents


1.     Introduction and Background. 3

Support for people with a disability. 3

Access to ongoing disability support 3

The Disability Support Register 3

Purpose of this document 4

Related documents. 4

2.    Exploring the need for ongoing disability support 5

Individualised Funding (IF) Principles. 6

Disability Services Supported Accommodation - Service Principles. 6

3.    Completing the Disability Support Application. 8

4.    Registration. 12

Receiving an application. 12

Confirming the nature of an application. 12

Determining a DSR funding level 12

Verifying an application. 13

Rejecting an application. 13

Recommendation for priority status for ongoing disability support 14

Application for support in more than one region. 15

Advising the applicant 15

Appeals and Complaints. 15

5.    Information Maintenance & Review.. 16

Review of an application. 16

Outcomes of a review. 16

Re-verifying an application. 17

6.    Recording unmet need for people already receiving individual support 18

7.    Resource coordination and allocation. 19

Appendix 1 – Disability Support Application. 20

Appendix 2 – Individual Profile for Group Support 25

Appendix 3 – Priority status for ongoing disability support practice guidance  29

Appendix 4 – Disability Support Application - Review.. 30




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