Deelee Lagotto Romagnolo 

Planned Litters

We are expecting two litters shortly.  The first being from Ch Greydove Eliza (Eliza) x Ozzi Della Cascinetta (Ozzi) Imported from Norway due early December.  Both of these dogs have outstanding temperments and are super family dogs.  Both have been hip scored and I can forward these details to prospective puppy buyers.


The other litter is from Ch. Deelee Nicolletta (Saffy) x Ozzi Della Cascinetta (Ozzi) Dual Champion imported from Norway.  This litter is due early January. Saffy is a real fun loving dog who is everybodies friend.  No only do these dogs themselves have excellent hip socres but so do many of their close relatives.




Conscientious breeders in Australia are testing their dogs for the health issues that affect Lagotto's.  Breeders that proclaim that Lagotto's don't suffer from health problems are ill informed  and have their heads firmly buried in the sand.  Because a dog is a Champion dosen't make it free from health problems, hip dyslpasia is a common problem in Lagotto's.  Both parents of your puppies need to be hip scored and you need to ensure that you see their certificates.  Enquire with your breeder what lenghts they have gone to, to ensure you take home a healthy puppy.


If you are interested in talking to us further about our upcoming litters please don't hesitate to contact us.  We are only to happy for people to make a time and come and meet our beautiful dogs.

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